Momofuku Buns

I made the buns.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures.  I was way too sick and tired to bother flicking them.  That said, for a first time try, they turned out pretty damn good.

Hardest part was getting the buns down right.  Mine weren’t nearly as fluffy as the ones you get at Momos but that probably had a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t have the right environment to proof the dough.

Pork was sooooo suculent.  The recipe calls for a bit too much salt, but other than that, it was bang on.

I’m hoping to do this again.  Next project: Bo Ssam.


2 responses to “Momofuku Buns

  1. Buns are hard to do, especially steamed. I thought they were alright though, like you said a bit salty but what I think is salty Michelle might think bland.

    I snapped some photos with my phone, so they’re on their way.

  2. Apparently, Mr. Chang doesn’t even make his own buns! I WIN!

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