Barbecue Hood: Texas

Trillin BBQ Dept.L.indd

Barbecue on a global scale, is represented by a wide variety of styles.  For instance, in the Carribbean, jerk is barbecue’s most popular form.  In India, Tandoor ovens are used to slow cook chicken, lamb and a laundry list of meats.  Here in North America – namely the Bible Belt area of the U.S. of A. – wood burning cues resembling or sometimes even constructed from oil drums are the preferred tool of the trade.

But even in the Southern states, the style of cue varies depending on what region you are in.  In Kanasas, the stalwart history of stockyards crowns prok – especially ribs – as king.  In the Carolinas, pulled pork with a unique zesty, vinegar-heavy sauce rules.  And down in Texas, the steer reigns supreme.

In fact, the steer quotient in Texas is so high, that more than 80% of Texans suffer from colon cancer and 90% of Texans under the age of 19 have never seen a pig IRL.  The lack of cloven hoof down there is astonishing.  But what is more shocking, is that 97% of Texans have claimed to have “personal relationships” with cows before Betsy Bovine is slaughtered, skinned and smoked into Brisket.  Texans LOVE their beef.

This brings us to today’s New Yorker which features the very best that the Lone Star state has to offer.  The top 50 barbecue spots in Texas is very much like Calvin Trillin comparison to People’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.  Positions very rarely change, new-comers try to crack the list, but the top-picks are always Captain Obvious.

Click here to read the full article.


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